Welcome to my blog!   Whatever your position on abortion, I hope you will find food for thought here.  The topic itself naturally arouses strong emotions, frequently intensified and complicated by our own experience and that of our friends.  Let’s try to start from the assumption that those who disagree with us usually have reasons; they are not just stupid and malicious.  So, difficult though it is, a charitable attitude is desirable.

I am a retired philosophy professor who has written extensively on abortion – most recently as co-author of Abortion:  Three Perspectives, published by Oxford University Press in 2009.  My article “Abortion and ‘the feminine voice’” has been often reprinted.  I recommend that as a good starting point for those who find themselves waffling on the issue and are especially interested in the perspective of women.  To get a sense of who I am and how I came to the position I now hold on progressive principles, start with the essay entitled “My Journey”.

I have three main purposes in launching this blog.

  1. What I say about abortion is part of a larger project – namely an attempt to contribute to the revival of a healthy and vigorous progressive movement.  The progressive movement in the United States has largely lost its moral and intellectual moorings and needs to be recalled to its own ideals. Read More Here
  2. I want to spur readers to think through their own positions on abortion.  Do you believe it is  morally right? Always? Sometimes? Never? When is it permissible and why? How would you support your position?  How would you answer those who disagree with you? For a full dress philosophical defense of the Pro-Life position, see Abortion: Three Perspectives from Amazon.  Oxford University Press has granted permission to post excerpts from this text, if you would like to contact me with philosophical questions.  On a more popular level the Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments may be helpful.
  3. I will provide information and links to resources that I have developed for educators and activists. My article “Abortion and ‘the feminine voice’” works well for a college course in ethics.  The Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments is written at a more popular level and would be suitable for series of op-ed pieces.  The leaflet “What’s the Big Deal About Abortion”, was designed for distribution to junior high school and high school students.

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